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Many people worldwide want to visit, live or work in the U.S. permanently. To achieve their dream, they'll need permission and the relevant documentation from the U.S. immigration authorities to enter the country lawfully and do their business without fear. However, the U.S. immigration system is complex, with many requirements that are constantly changing. This situation has discouraged many prospective immigrants from beginning the immigration process.

If this is your situation, do not give up just yet. Despite the complexities of U.S. immigration laws, the system provides several pathways for immigrants like you to gain lawful entry into the country and remain here permanently if you so desire.

A lot of the information on the several immigration routes is in the public space. Still, the details may be difficult to understand since there are so many. There is also a lot of misinformation as well, which is why an immigration attorney who can provide the correct information would be beneficial.

An immigration lawyer is one whose practice surrounds different aspects of immigration law. They understand the fine points of U.S. immigration law, they stay up to date with the frequently changing immigration requirements, and they help clients navigate the tough immigration landscape. They might be all you need to succeed with your immigration application.

You don't need to look too far to find top-notch immigration law services. The reputable Virginia immigration lawyers at the Law Offices of Mathew M. Chacko, PC are here to hold your hand and help you scale through the legal hurdles standing against your successful immigration.

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Immigration Law

Chacko Law Firm represents corporate and individual clients in complex and routine immigration law matters. The firm provides immigration assistance to clients from all 50 states and works with clients in areas of business immigration (H/K/L/P/R/TN) classifications, labor certifications, intra-company executives/managers, extraordinary ability aliens, outstanding researchers and professors, national interest waivers, exceptional ability aliens, religious workers, nurses/physical therapists, permanent residence through family, citizenship, and related matters.

How Does U.S. Immigration Law Work?

The Immigration and Nationality Act is the primary immigration law in the U.S. This law regulates the U.S. immigration system and contains rules governing the entry, stay, and exit of foreign nationals.

It is the foundation of the U.S. immigration system. Therefore, if your immigration application must succeed, you must have at least a basic understanding of some of its provisions. Below we have summarized some important aspects of the law to help you appreciate how the system works.

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Visas and Green Card Categories

Immigration law typically categorizes individuals depending on their intended purpose of entry. For example, those who wish to study in the country would apply for a temporary study visa which would expire after their studies are complete. Those seeking to do business or work in the country temporarily would seek a work visa such as the H1b visa. Those who wish to remain permanently in the country would seek lawful permanent residency (green card).

Each category has its own set of requirements, eligibility criteria, and application procedures. Before you begin the immigration process, you must identify the category you belong to and its requirements.

This task is not as simple as it appears because there are several categories for you to consider. Having an experienced immigration attorney assess your qualification can save you time and the stress of starting an immigration procedure you may not qualify for.

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The Immigration Application Process

As stated in the previous section, the immigration application process depends on the applicant's purpose of entry. It may also depend on other factors, such as whether the applicant is already in the U.S. or still in their home country.

Immigration applications for those already in the U.S. are handled mainly by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Applicants outside the U.S. would need to apply through the U.S. embassy or consulate in their home country in a process known as consular processing.

In each case, applicants must submit applications to the relevant immigration authority with jurisdiction over their case. Sometimes determining where to file your immigration application could be tricky. Some applicants already in the country may be required to return to their home country and begin the application process there. Others, such as the foreign spouses of U.S. citizens, are qualified to apply to either authority, depending on their circumstances.

In such cases, you may need help identifying where to begin your application or which approach would be more beneficial. An experienced immigration lawyer can advise you on the appropriate application route and help you make an informed decision where you have more than one option.

Immigration Law Questions

Temporary visa applications usually begin with an online application submitted to the relevant authority (usually the U.S. embassy or consulate in the applicant's home country. In contrast, immigrant visa applications for those seeking green cards begin with an immigrant petition submitted to the USCIS by a close relative or employer or, in a few cases, the applicant.

With both visa types, applicants would need to

  • Provide supporting documents such as birth certificates and relevant immigration forms
  • Pay filing fees
  • Complete a medical examination with an authorized medical provider.

Once the documents are complete, the immigration officials will review the information and assess the applicant's eligibility for the visa process they applied for. They may also conduct background checks on applicants if they deem it necessary.

Mistakes in the information or documents provided at this stage could prove costly. You must do all you can to avoid such issues, even if that means seeking professional help from competent immigration attorneys.

The Visa Interview

A visa interview may also be required in many cases. During the interview, the immigration officers will grill you about your application, the documents you've submitted, and your reasons for wanting to enter or remain in the U.S.

The success of your application depends largely on your performance here. If the officers in charge are unconvinced with your answers, they would likely deny your application.

You can avoid such issues by diligently preparing for your interview beforehand. Experienced immigration lawyers like those from our law firm understand how these interviews work and the kinds of questions you might encounter. They can help you determine what to expect during the interview so you're not caught off guard by any questions. This way, you can improve your chances of success.

The Outcome of the Application: Approval or Denial

When your immigration application is approved, you'll receive what you've requested, which could be a visa or a change in your immigration status. But if it is denied, you'll likely be informed of the reason for the denial and whether or not you can appeal the decision or have it reviewed.

The Immigration and Nationality Act has strict provisions to enforce its rules and ensure compliance. Agencies such as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are responsible for monitoring ports of entry and apprehending those without valid documentation. The USCIS may also initiate removal proceedings against anyone in the U.S. who violates immigration law. Such people may be deported and banned from entering the U.S. for a certain period or for life, depending on the nature of their violation.

There are a few ways to stop deportation before and after a deportation order is issued. If you're in that position, consider reaching out to an immigration attorney to help you find an appropriate legal solution that could help you remain in the U.S.

We are a reputable immigration law firm based in Virginia, offering our immigration services to clients from all 50 states. Our law firm represents corporate and individual clients in complex and routine immigration law matters.

We have many years of immigration law experience with a near 100% success rate for the applications we've managed. You can be assured of a dedicated and results-oriented approach when we handle your case.

Services We Offer

We offer case evaluations, document preparation, legal advice, and representation in several areas of immigration law, including the following:

Employment/Business Immigration

We represent individuals and businesses who wish to obtain the necessary documentation for them or their foreign staff to work or do business in the U.S. If this is your position, we can help you navigate the process of obtaining

  • Employment authorization documents
  • Work permits
  • National interest waivers
  • Labor certifications and any other document you might need.

Family Immigration

If you have a close family member or immediate relatives, such as a spouse, parent, or child who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may qualify for a green card. We can help you assess your eligibility and guide you through the green card application process to improve your chances of success.

Citizenship and Naturalization

You can also rely on us for assistance and representation if you have questions about becoming a U.S. citizen or need help with the naturalization process. We can help you understand all you must do and hold your hand as you work toward your citizenship goals.

We understand that the immigration process can be overwhelming and confusing for many. Our goal is to meet each client at the point of their specific needs and provide personalized legal solutions to help them progress toward the desired outcome. You can trust us to represent you diligently no matter where you are in the immigration process.

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Prasad ShettyPrasad Shetty
20:02 18 Feb 23
We hired Mathew Chacko last year to help us with my mom's green card. My mom just received her green card (sooner than we anticipated and). Mathew was just wonderful to work with. He is a compassionate, emphatic and dedicated lawyer, who has sound knowledge of immigration law and possess good judgment. He is super responsive and explains everything with clarity in terms you can easily understand. I have worked with many immigration lawyers during my 22-year stay in the US (previously for my and my wife's green card) and I have no hesitation in saying Mathew is the best. I would highly recommend him for your or your family's immigration needs.
Sowmya KandregulaSowmya Kandregula
06:15 09 Feb 23
Rockstar Attorney !!In the USA, immigration is a vital and momentous process. Finding the right immigration attorney to get you through the finish line is important; it can also be a daunting process.When I met Mathew Chacko, I was confident that he would provide the required counsel and expertise to augur my desired outcome – permanent residency under the EB-1A category.Mr. Chacko is an extremely knowledgeable, attention to detail oriented professional who is cognizant of the entire immigration process. He worked diligently aiding me through the green card process, efficiently and effectually.One endearing quality of Mr. Chacko is his innate ability to connect with his clients at a personal level addressing their concerns in a conscientious manner. His articulate responses and thorough feedback for a multitude of questions serve as a testament to his vast knowledge of immigration law. He even jumped on several ad-hoc phone calls when I asked for help.If you are looking for an immigration attorney who will provide you with exceptional counsel, Mathew Chacko is your man! I highly recommend his practice for all your immigration needs.
Tehrim NaseerTehrim Naseer
15:10 16 Nov 22
Words can’t describe how much thankful I and my family are to Mr. Mathew & his team. It is with all his help and support that my father’s immigration issues were resolved. He helped our family reunite & words can’t do justice to his incredible work. Highly recommended. A big thank you to Mr. Mathew & his team. God bless you all.
Satish ReddySatish Reddy
15:14 27 Jun 22
Mr Mathew Chacko helped my parents with their US citizenship. There were some issues during this process, but Mr Chacko took care in troubleshooting these issues with his tremendous knowledge and skills related to US law on immigration. Today, both my parents are proud and happy to be citizens of this wonderful nation - USA. Mr Chacko is simply the best !!! Thank you for your service Mr Chacko.
Diksha ChawlaDiksha Chawla
01:24 19 May 22
Mathew and his team is helping me for my visa and green card process.He is very helpful and answers any questions/concerns I have very patiently. He has many years of experience and I never have to worry, because he knows what he is doing. For immigration issues you need someone who has a lot of experience, and someone you can trust, specially with the current circumstances. I would recommend Matthew to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

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